Connecting Cities - artist and curator workshop Marseille

Speed dating - Sander Veenhof and Nerea Calvillo

Curators and artists of the Connecting Cities network gathered in Marseille in February 5-8. to discuss projects and programme for the 2013 events, including Media Facades Festival Helsinki. Hosted by Videospread, the workshop enriched the perspectives on the Networked City theme of 2013, in light of the concepts presented by the artists.

Also in the workshop, Ars Electronica (Linz) outlined the technical support provided for the network, and m-cult (Helsinki) opened a discussion on audience challenges in public space. In a speed dating session, the curators visited the artists’ tables to receive more details on the projects, and the programme for each participating city started to emerge. The third day was dedicated to an open seminar, where CCN artists and curators were joined by local participants as well as representatives of the European Cities of Culture Marseille-Provence 2013 and Riga 2014.