FLOSS Manuals distributed with VALO-CD dedicated to creatives

VALO-CD is a project which distributes free, open source software (FLOSS) for Finnish Windows users on a CD and over the net. The 6th edition of VALO-CD includes a set of Finnish manuals produced by FLOSS Manuals / m-cult. The edition is dedicated to creative uses of free software, such as Audacity, Blender and Inkscape documented by FLOSS Manuals.

"Linux users have benefited from advanced technology for years. For example Pixar and DreamWorks create big Hollywood productions on Linux. Our intention is to inform Finnish professionals on the availability of these tools, which are not taught in educational institutions of the field", says VALO-CD manager Otto Kekäläinen in the press release. "Creativity should not be confined to features offered by a couple of software providers. Imagination is the only limit to a truely creative person."