Art of the Long New - panel at Media Lab Helsinki 20 years seminar

m-cult and Crucible Studio collaborate on a panel discussion on the "Art of the Long New" at the Media Lab Helsinki's 20th anniversary seminar. We revisit hot topics from media art 10 years ago. With a group of Media Lab artists, designers and alumni, we take a nostalgic look at the expectations for mobile and interactive art presented by them in interviews from the year 2003 - from m-cult's video documentation archives. How have the visions changed in the past decade? Where is ground-breaking art to be found today?










Panelists from left: Minna Tarkka, Petri Kola, Minna Nurminen, Teijo Pellinen, Heidi Tikka, Leena Saarinen, Pia Tikka, Mika Tuomola

Media Lab Helsinki