Potato Internet testing

Potato Internet - EMAP residence 2022

Caroline Sinders and Trammell Hudson envision a small-scale internet.

Care Project Administration 2020

Care Project Administration

Economies of care explored by the Forms of Ownership collective.

Metahaven still from The Sprawl

The Sprawl (Propaganda about Propaganda)

Metahaven's film explores truth and lies in the internet era.

Network effects visual

Network Effects

Confonting the material, mental and political effects of today's online world.

The Hidden Life of an Amazon User

The Hidden Life of an Amazon User

Joana Moll makes visible the energy costs of an online purchase.

Smiley with tears on broken smart phone screen

The Web Politics Trilogy

Online activism project by artist collective Disnovation.org.

WWW 30 vj set 2 twitter icon with war scene

WWW 30 club

An evening to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web.

video icon with text war at a distance

Bottled Songs

Audiovisual exploration of terrorism in the age of social media by Chloé Galibert-Laîné & Kevin B. Lee.

Embassy of future at youth house, kids with cat masks


eeefff group speculates on futures economy with kids.

Shadows of three performers, an image of a sad girl projected on the wall

Candy Star

Choreographer Juli Reinartz explores media identities with teenagers.

Re:miksi project logo


Media art education project to encourage children's agency online.

I, Cloud still from game, billboard in the desert

I, Cloud and Uncharted

Timo Bredenberg explores the desert of the net economy.

Binoculars to.. from, eyes on public screen

Binoculars to... from

An exchange of gazes between cities orchestrated by Mar Canet and Varvara Guljajeva.

MFF13 Poster detail

Media Facades Festival Helsinki 2013

Media art festival exploring the networked city.

Urban Takes Helsinki people looking at the picture wall

Urban Takes Helsinki

Michelle Teran reflects on YouTube videos as urban sense-making.

Timo Bredenberg still from interview 2012

Timo Bredenberg - Media artist of the month

Visual artist Timo Bredenberg explores internet communities and movements.


Smiley with tears on broken smart phone screen

Online Imaginaries

Artists at work for a new political imagination of the internet.

Flying cameras visual

Open media workshops

Series of workshops to support open, web-based production and distribution practices.


Geert Lovink Sad by Design lecture

Sad by Design

Geert Lovink's talk on social media melancholy.

Online culture wars detail of map with memes

Disinformation Camp

Workshop on computational propaganda and the influence of public opinion online.

Re:miksi project logo


Media art education project to encourage children's agency online.