systems opening 2

SYSTEMS Exhibition

Rethinking systems and art.


Plant Futures - EMAP residence 2023

Visualising futures of local plants.

Potato Internet testing

Potato Internet - EMAP residence 2022

Caroline Sinders and Trammell Hudson envision a small-scale internet.

Song of Lead site

Song of Lead

Healing the soil with Pia Lindman.

Woad seeds held by a human palm

A Library of Seeds

Joss Allen celebrates the interrelationship of seeds and humans.

Map of Central Park waterways


Imagining local water futures with Sophea Lerner.

Central Park map

Central Park Archives

Co-archiving an urban forest.

Network effects visual

Network Effects

Confonting the material, mental and political effects of today's online world.

The Hidden Life of an Amazon User

The Hidden Life of an Amazon User

Joana Moll makes visible the energy costs of an online purchase.

Mosaic Virus triptych of tulips

Mosaic Virus

Anna Ridler speculates with algorithmic tulips.

Maunula Atmospheres close up of sky with birds

Maunula Atmospheres

Artist duo La Jetée deciphers climate change in private archives of a neighbourhood.

Organic Cinema plants and screen

Organic Cinema

World Wilder Lab amplifies the whispers of plants.

MFF2014 poster detail with bee

Media Facades Festival Helsinki 2014

Media art festival enrolling urban flora and fauna, as well as radio signals, networks and citizens as participants.

Human Beeing facade close up with bees

Human Beeing

With help from The Constitute, bees take over facades.

Erich Berger speaks in rocky landscape

Erich Berger - Media artist of the month

The artist discusses the approaches of bio art and art-science collaborations while presenting a set of work.

Mia Mäkelä interviewed in front of projection

Mia Mäkelä - Media artist of the month

The artist presents her practice ranging from live cinema and remix to algae gathering.