Sounds and Stories Live

Jobina Tinnemans' project Sounds and Stories Live uses prepared knitting needles as instruments to create ambient site-specific compositions.

For the composition, the artist recorded soundscapes from local parks and forests which were post-produced to become 'instruments' of the live performance. In collaboration with singer Ilona Korhonen, a selection of Finnish runo songs was rehearsed. On stage, a ‘knitting orchestra’ of ladies from the community centre generated the score to the songs by knitting colourful fabrics with their prepared needles, each knitter activating a specific sound pattern.

The project was m-cult's special commission for the opening ceremony of the Maunula House on 4.2.2017.

Sounds and Stories Live

Jobina Tinnemans, composition, electronics

Solist, runo singing
Ilona Korhonen

Knitting orchestra
Tuula Mäki-kamppi
Sirkka Leskinen
Tuulikki Haverinen
Liisa Airaksinen
Pirjo Koponen

Sound and light design
Johannes Vartola

The residency project with Jobina Tinnemans was co-produced by m-cult in January/February 2017, in context of the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme, supported by the Creative Europe programme.