Robin Hood

There is no outside of global financial capitalism so we have to find ways to work within it. Robin Hood – a cooperative fusing economy, art and activism works towards new forms of economy and organisation. 

For Media Facades Festival 2013, Robin Hood and m-cult co-produced an interactive campaign including a 3-day workshop and an urban installation.


Robin Hood is an investment bank of the precariat. Its business is minor asset management. The operation of Robin Hood is based on the detailed analysis and understanding of the functioning of financial market,  biopolitical economy, semiocapital and its relationship with the problem of organization. We think that the changed nature of organizational  problematic has not been understood really yet at all. Nor its relation to our precarious states of mind. We are trying to understand it, as well as proposing a new form of collectivity.

Robin Hood team at Connecting Cities / Media Facades: Ana Fradique, Julio Lucio, Akseli Virtanen, Maria Candia. The project is co-produced by Robin Hood cooperative and m-cult. In cooperation with: Made in Kallio and V96.

In the Connecting Cities programme 2013, the project was also presented at Medialab-Prado, Madrid.