RE:miksi is a net and art education project for pre-school children. The project includes a series of artist-led workshops and a learning resource aiming to encourage children as creative producers on the internet. 

Children are on the net from an early age, but mostly they act as consumers of games and other commercial content. REmiksi is an experimental media&art education project where we wish to offer new tools to enable the kids' own production on the net.

REmiksi is based on the internet culture of making and sharing supported by open content, platforms and tools - for example the various audiovisual remix genres that circulate and reframe image and music resources into new works.

The project's workshops were realized in Spring 2015, in collaboration with media artists and preliminary schools in Helsinki. Based on the workshops, educational materials were edited for open use online. See more on the project at the project's Finnish website.

Re:miksi was supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture's special grant for media education.