Reform 75/100

Reform 75/100 is a feminist project by Bernadette Wolbring addressing the gender pension gap by techniques of data visualisation, sewing and dance.  In Maunula, the artist led a collaborative workshop,  where participants designed and crafted umbrellas with experimental visualisations of the statistics according to which the women's share of pensions is 75% compared to the 100% received by men.

In the second phase of the project, a choreography for a dance performance was created, inspired by the ‘bartitsu’ self-defence technique and using the data umbrellas as props. The performance was recorded as drone footage and performed live in the Night of the Arts programme in public spaces of Maunula on August 24, 2017. After the performance, the project was exhibited at the Maunula house, where the umbrellas were installed together with related photographs and video footage.

Umbrella designs and dance by Reform 75/100 participants: Pirjo Moll, Tuula Saari, Virpi Räty, Riitta Granlund, Laila Purja, Tiina Tuovinen and Martin Hackenberg. Additional performance artists Rosa Rodriguez, Arja Björkman, Pirkko Eloranta and Christer Hackman, drums.

Choreography in collaboration with Kaisa Kukkonen.

Special thanks to Jaime Culebro and Valofirma (studio photography), Ville Hyvönen / Helicam (drone footage).

The project was commissioned and co-produced by m-cult in May-August 2017 in context of the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme, supported by the Creative Europe programme.