Paula Lehtonen - Media artist of the month

Interview with media artist Paula Lehtonen, who presents her Jangva gallery exhibition #0000FF is the new #00000 (“Blue is the new black”). Of special interest to the artist is the difference between viewing and "digital viewing" as well as the value of the original in comparision to a copy.

Interview (Finnish) produced for the tv channel in 2013.

The artist presents her installation piece MULTIVERSE NOW! which premiered in the Speed of Darkness exhibition at Aboa Vetus Ars Nova in 2012.

Paula Lehtonen is also know for her VJ activities as vixen. She gives a tour into her VJ art and discusses the relationship of the visuals to the music.

We visit Paula Lehtonen's studio, where she presents the Bat Simulator project - a helmet to help people perceive their environment like bats.