Park is a video panorama (loop) depicting a space between the domesticated and the wild, a transmission stage between urban and natural environments. It is an autonomous zone with its own rules: in parks, things beyond the daily habits can be done.

The piece is realized through intricate video compositing techniques combining concrete places and characters that are familiar to our daily life experience; architecture, people and symbols of Helsinki and Berlin. It plays with the themes of urbanity / periphery, rationality/irrationality, tourism, sports and ecstasy.

The piece is produced for the Media Facades Festival by Berlin-based media artist Ulu Braun, specializing in video collage techniques and known for his skills to challenge our everyday experience.

Directed and arranged by Ulu Braun

Staging: Katja Höppner, Shalmon Abraham, Ulduc, Niina Braun, Teuri Haarla, Anne Juren

Visual Support: Segio Bermúdez, Suni Hoffmann

Production support: Minna Tarkka/m-cult, Susa Pop, Public art lab

Thanks: AVEK