Institute of Care

Imagine an economy that is based on care, where economic policies see care as a foundational value rather than a cost to be cut. Imagine a society where care facilitates human creativity that contributes to our interdependent wellbeing.

Care is the net that holds human societies together. Yet care work is poorly funded. The elderly are no longer receiving the care they need. The young are financially insecure and cannot imagine what will happen to them in old age. To many, the idea of retiring into wellbeing feels increasingly remote.

The Institute of Care is engaged with economic questions and will be working together with communities to see how our visions for care will be part of our future.

Care as social investment, black text on background of lime green and beige

Institute of Care project envisions alternative futures of care in collaboration with care receivers and care receivers.

The project is a spin-off from the 2020 European Media Art Platform EMAP residency where Vienne Chan together with the Forms of Ownership Collective explored narratives of care. At the end of the residency, the idea to pilot the project in Helsinki's Maunula neighbourhood was born.

Institute of Care will launch in 2021 with a programme of workshops, dialogues on care experiences and games to rethink roles and forms of care. A special Care annex of local Maunulan Sanomat newspaper will be published on May 28, 2021.


Institute of Care is part of m-cult's Maunula Commons programme which aims at the creation of shared resources and practices in collaboration between artists and local communities. The project is supported by a grant by Helsinki City to develop arts and culture activities for the elderly.