Fish-go-Round! is a live performance for electronic music, Radio Helsinki radiowaves, lights and dancers, tailored for the Lasipalatsi Square in Helsinki.

Concept and music for the piece were composed by Shinji Kanki, who created an experimental work where sounds of 40 different species of fish emerge from an ocean of white noise. The composition is dedicated to the Gulf of Finland Year 2014.

The live performance uses radiowaves from Radio Helsinki to trigger light devices on the square following the pitch of the music. A set of umbrellas fitted with led lights will be carried by a flock of dancers shoaling around the Lasipalatsi tower.

The technology used in the perfomance was Linzer Schnitte, a programmable FM receiver developed by Ars Electronica. The aim of this open hardware project was to create a low cost platform to control large numbers of remote devices.

Fish-go-Round! live performance at Lasipalatsi Square was performed on Thursday August 21 2014 22:00-22:30.

The project is realized in cooperation between: m-cult/Media Facades Helsinki, Ars Electronica FuturelabRadio HelsinkiWannabe ballerinas and mbar. Choreography Kaisa Kukkonen, electronics Mikko Laajola and Albert Laine. Thanks to Bebek.