The massive increase of smart phone usage is having an impact on how we relate to the world around us. Everyone anywhere on earth is within our vicinity, reachable instantly in real-time.  A manifestation of this new hyper-connected reality is the Dance AR - Global Choreography project, a dance routine developed specifically for humans anno now, to which the mobile phone is almost like a natural extension to their body.


Co-created by Sander Veenhof and choreographer Marjolein Vogels, the dance consists of 33 moves for hands holding a mobile phone, guided by a virtual augmented reality cube floating around the participants. An interface that expressively demonstrates the possibilities of the data-powered reality of today. The movement of the cube is based on one server-based script which brings all participants across the world to dance in sync. The flashmob reinvented.

Dance.AR opened the Media Facades Festival Helsinki 2013 at the Lasipalatsi Square on the Night of the Arts, August 22, 7-8 pm.

The project is produced for the Connecting Cities 2013 programme by IMAL, Brussels. The local Helsinki partners are mbar (opening event) and Stadi.TV (documentation).