Tenantspin & M2HZ presentation 19.5.


Tenantspin (Liverpool) and M2HZ (Helsinki) present two media art & community media channels in an informal evening on Wed, May 19, 18-20. Open media & open doors at Hämeentie 28, Helsinki - welcome!

Tenantspin's visit to Helsinki is the first visible step towards the Media Facades 2010 festival which takes place in Helsinki and 6 other cities between August 27-October 3 2010. Tenantspin delegation leads a workshop on what constitutes normality and citizenship in the neighbourhoods of Kontula (Helsinki) and Anfield/Breckfield (Liverpool) - and the resulting videos will premiere in the Media Facades programme.

The visit is realized within a residency exchange between Helsinki and Liverpool, in collaboration with the Finnish Institute in London and HIAP Helsinki International Artist Programme, FACT, and m-cult. In Kontula, the Tenantspin workshop (May 19-23) will be hosted by Kontupiste and the Symppis crew.