The Spectre of People at Kiasma facade tonight


The Spectre of People is a virtual demonstration and participatory art project where a citizen movement is given an immaterial form.

Throughout Spring and Summer 2015, Finland has witnessed an exceptional wave of demonstrations.  At the time of the Media Facades festival, on Saturday August 22,  a big protest will be organized in Helsinki to oppose austerity measures in Finland and globally.  The Spectre of People continues the themes of the protest into the night, as an afterimage projected on haze.

Inspiration for the project comes from recent innovative use of media in activism – especially Madrid’s  hologramas por la libertad, where a  projected mass of people demonstrated against a law to restrict demonstration in public space.

The Spectre of People virtual demonstration, Saturday August 22, 2015, 10 pm – 12 pm, Kiasma facade, Citizen Square, Eero Erkon katu, Helsinki.