Rehearsing Hospitalities events in April-May

Central Park, felling marks on trees

The Rehearsing Hospitalities programme returns with co-curated exhibition presentations, online discussions, new short film, online audio and video works and publication between April 19th and May 27th.

A collaboration between Frame Contemporary Art Finland with Museum of Impossible Forms and m-cult in 2020-21, the programme has centred on addressing art and institutional potential to facilitate plural and decentralised forms of knowing and access.

In collaboration with a number of partners and contributors, we have looked into how dominant and institutionalised knowledges and forms of access can be challenged from a range of perspectives. A guiding question of the programme has been: how can diverse access to language, environment, culture and archives produce more equal and just contemporary societies?

m-cult's events include an installation of the Central Park Archives project and an afternoon of conversations on access, commons and networks of care on April 27 at the Maunula House.

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