President of Finland Tarja Halonen grants the UNESCO Digital Arts Award at ISEA2004


Indian Sarai Media Lab was the prize winner of UNESCO Digital Arts Award 2004, in the award ceremony held at Kiasma theatre in Helsinki on Friday 20th August in the presence of the President of Finland, Mrs Tarja Halonen and the President of the International Jury Committee for the Award, Ms Yukiko Shikata, who was representing UNESCO.

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Second tier awards were shared amongst three projects; Slovenian Makrolab, Thai artist Bundith's project Path of illusion and Radio Astronomy from New Zealand. According to the International Jury Committee, the awarded projects all demonstrated a balance of artistic imagination, innovative research, social and cultural criticism, social interaction and a connection to the public space.

UNESCO Digital Arts Award, established in 2003, aims to promote digital art as an innovative and artistic reflection on the information society.The winners for the 2004 were chosen out of the artistic projects that were presented at the ISEA2004 symposium.