Playing Care II at Töyrytie senior house

Alpaca team at Töyrytie senior house

Playing Care II is a role-playing workshop taking place at Töyrytie Senior house on May 4, May 6 and May 9. The game is about imagining the care work of the near future, in a new kind of care centre called Alpakka kapakka ('Alpaca Bar'). Running the venue are Alpacas, a self-organized community of caregivers consisting of care professionals and local activists.

During the game, Alpacas provide care services and food while interacting with the senior house residents, who are also welcome to join in organising the care community.

The workshop is realised in context of the Institute of Care project, with Vienne Chan, Kaisa Karvinen and Tommi Vasko (Trojan Horse collective), Tuukka Haapakorpi and Minna Tarkka (M-cult). Alpaca participants also include Mohamed Ibrahim, Kale Kaivola, Matti Kaskenaho, Maija Rimpiläinen and Martina Seretsova with residents from Töyrytie.