move to... festival presents m-cult residency artists June 18-20

move to... festival logo detail of pink and black graphic

move to... festival is the final event of European Media Art Platform EMAP's 4-year programme. Produced by Werkleitz in Halle over 3 weekends, the event includes the online conference the new world dis/order, studio installations and film screenings of the over 40 art projects created within the programme.

The festival kicks of in June 18-20 with the sociosphere theme which places emphasis on the social, political and economic challenges of our digital, globalised world. Benjamin Bratton, Marta Pereira, Phoebe V. Moore and other speakers discuss post-pandemic politics, critical infrastructures and AI at work, questioning the predominant growth and progress narratives of the anthropocene.

The theme connects with presentations of m-cult's residency co-productions with Chloé Galibert-Laîné and Kevin B.Lee,, Forms of Ownership and, as well as the artists from the 2019 Network Effects exhibition in Helsinki Joana Moll and Anna Ridler.

The festival continues with an online exhibition at Ars Electronica in September.