Media art documentation to the National Audiovisual Institute

Media artist of the month thumbnail grid

Over the years, m-cult has followed the themes and genres of media art by producing in-depth artist interviews and video documentation of art projects. A special focus of the work has been to document context and process based work that involves technical or social experimentation.

A selection of video programmes have now been prepared for transfer to the National Audiovisual Institute KAVI. High-quality versions of the videos have been added with short synopsis and metadata in Finnish and English. The transfer to KAVI is realised in collaboration with AV-arkki.

The majority of the 80 programmes comes from the series Media Artist of the Month, where artists present a selection of work in interview, often in context of an important exhibition. They also include gems such as the extensive interview with Erkki Pirtola and a survey of Finnish VJ art at the Finnish Techno Review events, both produced for m-cult's M2HZ tv project.

Supported by AVEK, the archiving project continues by publishing the selection at m-cult's Vimeo channel and at the new m-cult website to be launched later this spring.