CCN Call for Proposals: Participatory City 2014


The call for proposals for Connecting Cities 2014 is open. With the theme "Participatory City" we are looking for projects that enable citizens to experience new ways of interaction with the urban environment and to understand, respond to, evaluate and question the transformations that the city is undergoing. The call deadline is on October 20.

How can urban media facades as temporary fields of interaction can become catalysts for shared encounters and a platform for urban activism? Can art projects trigger an engagement of the citizens within their local communities? Can they connect the local public virtually with remote places? Can they help us exchange our expectations and visions with our neighbours? Participatory City 2014 is all about experimenting in the public space with participatory processes that aim at exploring these and other questions. 

Participatory City 2014 will take place in Berlin, Brussels, Helsinki, Linz, Liverpool, Madrid, Montreal, Riga and Sao Paulo. In Helsinki, the selected projects will again be staged in the Media Facades Helsinki programme, August 18-24,2014, in context of the Helsinki Festival.

Submit your proposal here!