Artists at work on streams and fields

Sophea Lerner and Joss Allen at talkoot

This Autumn's first residency artists have engaged in preliminary research and field trips in the Central Park. Over the last weekends, the artists have also participated in the local collaborative talkoot (working bees).

Sophea Lerner's Hydrofuturology focuses on the park's water bodies, finding out about their history, listening to local knowledges and speculating about their future. She got to know some of the stream carers at a collective refurbishment of the trout spawning beds in the Maunula stream on September 18.

Joss Allen's A Library of Seeds aims to build a shared resource for local seed saving and exchange. Today he took part in the talkoot at Maunula allotment gardens, digging some ditches and talking to the gardeners while receiving the first contributions towards the seed library.