"interactive media"


Conducting Senses coal hill with projection, still from a video

Conducting Senses

Interactive projection and soundscape at Helsinki coastline by Fernando Visockis and Andre Vicentini.

Heidi Tikka interviewed at gallery Sculptor

Heidi Tikka - Media artist of the month

Heidi Tikka's interactive and site-specific works relate to affectivity and embodiment.

Hanna Haaslahti still from interview

Hanna Haaslahti - Media artist of the month

The artist presents her work and discusses relations of space, body and technology.

TransEurope Slow viewers looking at screen

TransEurope Slow

A virtual bike ride through changing European cities.

Robin Hood monster made of big banks

Robin Hood

Public intervention by Robin Hood cooperative, investment bank for the precariat.

Jaakko Pesonen still from interview

Jaakko Pesonen - Media artist of the month

In the interview, the artist presents projects discussing homofobia and artificial intelligence.

The Race Code pictures of participants

The Race Code

Public face recognition and profiling by Timo Wright and Matti Niinimäki.

Timo Wright speaks in close-up

Timo Wright - Media artist of the month

The artist presents his projects on ethnic profiling, consumption and urban culture.

At Hand viewers touching the screen

At Hand

Heidi Tikka traces urban gestures and the possibility of encountering otherness.