"media art"


Ideal Behaviour project photo

Ideal Behaviour - EMAP residence 2024

An ‘IKEA-hack’ to trick AI recruiting –media art problematizes automated hiring processes.

systems opening 2

SYSTEMS Exhibition

Rethinking systems and art.

Network effects visual

Network Effects

Confonting the material, mental and political effects of today's online world.

Smiley with tears on broken smart phone screen

The Web Politics Trilogy

Online activism project by artist collective Disnovation.org.

WWW 30 vj set 2 twitter icon with war scene

WWW 30 club

An evening to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web.


Our Coming Community

Valentina Karga's collective totem representing the future values of a community.

Man watching tv, making a gesture with his hands, looking unhappy

I'm Talking to You

Elena Mazzi encourages local responses to global media of crisis.

Maunula Atmospheres close up of sky with birds

Maunula Atmospheres

Artist duo La Jetée deciphers climate change in private archives of a neighbourhood.


Heavy Metal Detector

Steve Maher detects underground music subcultures.

Night Searchers bus station facade projection by Maija Saksman

Night Searchers

Nocturnal urban observations by Seppo Renvall, Maija Saksman and friends.

MFF15 poster detail with protesters on street

Media Facades Festival Helsinki 2015

Media art festival highlighting visibility and invisibility in urban spaces.

Spectre of People virtual demonstration

The Spectre of People

Virtual protest against austerity politics.

Conducting Senses coal hill with projection, still from a video

Conducting Senses

Interactive projection and soundscape at Helsinki coastline by Fernando Visockis and Andre Vicentini.

Minna Långström still from video

Minna Långström - Media artist of the month

The artist presents a set of interdisciplinary work in context of her solo show at Sinne gallery.

Kalle Hamm speaking in gallery

Kalle Hamm - media artist of the month

Kalle Hamm presents work on otherness, minorities and immigration realized together with Dzamil Kamanger.

Re:miksi project logo


Media art education project to encourage children's agency online.

Arttu Merimaa still from interview

Arttu Merimaa - Media artist of the month

The artist deconstructs masculinity and runs the Alkovi window gallery.

Tellervo and Oliver Kalleinen sitting in a summer landscape

Tellervo Kalleinen & Oliver Kochta Kalleinen - Media artists of the month

Interviewed on the Vartiosaari island, the artist duo discuss their participatory practice.

MFF2014 poster detail with bee

Media Facades Festival Helsinki 2014

Media art festival enrolling urban flora and fauna, as well as radio signals, networks and citizens as participants.

Marjatta Oja still from interview

Marjatta Oja - Media artist of the month

The artist discusses her work ranging from "situation sculptures" to music videos.

Petri Kuljuntausta still from video

Petri Kuljuntausta - Media artist of the month

The pioneer of Finnish sound art speaks about his work with soundscapes and electronic music.

Heidi Tikka interviewed at gallery Sculptor

Heidi Tikka - Media artist of the month

Heidi Tikka's interactive and site-specific works relate to affectivity and embodiment.

Erich Berger speaks in rocky landscape

Erich Berger - Media artist of the month

The artist discusses the approaches of bio art and art-science collaborations while presenting a set of work.

Hanna Haaslahti still from interview

Hanna Haaslahti - Media artist of the month

The artist presents her work and discusses relations of space, body and technology.

MFF13 Poster detail

Media Facades Festival Helsinki 2013

Media art festival exploring the networked city.

Closeup Nordic Outbreak screen

Nordic Outbreak

Public screenings and seminar on Nordic media art.

Tuomo Rainio with artwork in the background

Tuomo Rainio - Media artist of the month

Interview with artist Tuomo Rainio at his show The Reconfigured Image, April 2013.

Albert Laine interviewed by his computer

Albert Laine - Media artist of the month

Albert Laine, a wizard of 3D techniques and hardware hacks, interviewed at his studio.

Jaakko Pesonen still from interview

Jaakko Pesonen - Media artist of the month

In the interview, the artist presents projects discussing homofobia and artificial intelligence.

MFF2012 poster detail

Media Facades Festival Helsinki 2012

Media art and urban media for all - in the second Media Facades Festival edition in Helsinki.

Reading Kamppi black and white detail with text

Reading Kamppi

A collaborative project reflecting on words and images in the cityscape.

Mia Mäkelä interviewed in front of projection

Mia Mäkelä - Media artist of the month

The artist presents her practice ranging from live cinema and remix to algae gathering.

Timo Wright speaks in close-up

Timo Wright - Media artist of the month

The artist presents his projects on ethnic profiling, consumption and urban culture.

Timo Bredenberg still from interview 2012

Timo Bredenberg - Media artist of the month

Visual artist Timo Bredenberg explores internet communities and movements.

Shinji Kanki still from video interview

Shinji Kanki - Media artist of the month

Interview with composer of experimental music, educator and radio dj Shinji Kanki.

Riikka Kuoppala Mom I'm Hungry still from video

Riikka Kuoppala - Media artist of the month

The artist presents her media and collaborative work on psychology, abstraction and poverty.

Air Hunger projection at Mannerheim statue

Air Hunger

Breath-generated, site-specific landscapes by Hanna Haaslahti.

City Sleep Light Helsinki by Antoine Schmitt

City Sleep Light

Antoine Schmitt dreams with data and facades.

At Hand viewers touching the screen

At Hand

Heidi Tikka traces urban gestures and the possibility of encountering otherness.

Giants of the Hoods dancer on Kallio facade

Giants of the Hoods

Dance moves on public facades by the Giants of the Hoods group.

Tenantspin Kontula News screenshot

We are the people, this is the place

Neighbourhood film exchanges Helsinki-Liverpool with tenantspin.


MEHI logo

Media Art History in Finland

Documenting the history of Finnish Media Art.

EMAP logo

European Media Art Platform EMAP

A leading residency network for media art - artist residencies, conferences and exhibitions hosted by 15 partners in 2022-24.

Connecting Cities Network logo

Connecting Cities Network

International network to co-produce and present media art in public spaces.



Media Facades Festival detail of LED screen

Media Facades Helsinki

Festival of media art in public spaces.

ISEA2004 logo Baltic

ISEA 2004

ISEA2004, The 12th International Symposium on Electronic Art.


Media art at OMA ontology

Ontology for Media Art

Creating a vocabulary for media art.


Media Art Worlds conference

Seminar on hybrid economies of media art.

Tellervo and Oliver Kalleinen - 101 for All installation

Perspectives on Media Art

Open lecture series - media art genres and themes presented by artists.

Re:miksi project logo


Media art education project to encourage children's agency online.