WWW 30 club

A club to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web. The evening was dedicated to remembering the early utopian spirit of the internet, and to envisioning its next decades.

WWW 30 club
12.3.2019 19-22
Lavaklubi, National Theatre, Läntinen Teatterikuja 1 Helsinki

*Friends of the internet: Invited guests manifest their visions of internet futures, moderated by journalist, podcast producer Olli Sulopuisto. Talks by AI Party, m-cult, Open Knowledge Foundation Finland, Pixelache, Rajapinta association of digital social sciences, Wikimedia Finland and MyData Global, followed by Open mike.
*Special guest star Taru N. Hohtonen: the infamous remix artist presents three new VJ sets, one for each of the www decades. Note that the first set starts about 19:15!


Welcome Minna Tarkka / m-cult

Taru N. Hohtonen Set I: The first inventions

Video: Artists & the Net in 2003
short interviews with Leena Saarinen, Heidi Tikka and Merja Puustinen on their online art practice, from m-cult archives 2003

Moderator Olli Sulopuisto

Minna Tarkka & Heidi Tikka/m-cult: Online imaginaries
Steve Maher / Pixelache: Breaking the 5th wall
Susanna Ånäs / Wikimedia Finland: Knowledge Equity

Taru N. Hohtonen II: The Web 2.0 era

Tarmo Toikkanen / Open Knowledge Finland: Welcome Robots
Salla-Maaria Laaksonen / Rajapinta: We Should Fall in Love with the Internet Again
Sami Henrik Haapala / AI Party: AI Party - the meat-free alternative
Teemu Ropponen / MyData Global: Towards a Human-Centered Internet

Taru N. Hohtonen III: Conflicting tendencies