Song of Lead

In her recent work, artist Pia Lindman has developed subsensorial practices, sensing environments and people beyond sight, sound and olfactory senses. These practices arose from her experience of heavy metal poisoning, after which her nervous system started reacting strongly to various environmental stimuli.

Her project Song of Lead focuses on the former shooting ground area of Central Park where the high concentration of lead still yields warnings for berry and mushroom pickers. Inspired by traditional healing practices, the artist invites local singers to a collective chant expelling the lead back to its underground origins.

Song of Lead site

The project is realised in collaboration with artists Heidi Fast (sound improvisation training) and Tuukka Haapakorpi (sound composition). The first chanting sessions will take place with local choirs in October 2021, and the project will be presented as a site-specific sound installation in Spring 2022.

Song of Lead is a residency co-production within the Central Park Archives project.