Shinji Kanki - Media artist of the month

Interview with composer of experimental music, educator and radio dj Shinji Kanki. Produced for the tv channel in 2011.

Shinji Kanki opens the series by speaking about his interest in creating sensory colour experiences with sounds.

Shinji Kanki describes his process of composition, and also presents his piece A Play For Two Harpists (performed by Saara Rautio and Suvadeep Das).

Shinji Kanki is also the presenter of the Silakkaradio program dedicated to experimental music at the local Lähiradio channel. In the third part M2HZ's video crew were special guests of a live Silakkaradio broadcast.

In the last episode, Shinji Kanki talks about computer music and its development, and presents the piece PCM 0355+53 composed for the Helsinki Computer Orchestra. With excerpts from the cult performance in 2003!