Money Lab Helsinki

MoneyLab is an international network of artists, hackers, designers, economists and activists who explore forms of financial democratization. MoneyLab #9 will take place in Helsinki in September 19-20, 2020. See full programme and streams on the Money Lab #9 event pages.

Envisioning post-capitalist models of economy and organisation, Moneylab #9 includes:

*Talks and debates on cooperative and cryptographic organisations, decentralised finance and experiments in governance
*Games for Strange Economies, a workshop to imagine, explore and play with economic-organizational forms
*Art projects mapping post-capital landscapes
*Money Primer - a campaign and glossary for economic citizens

MoneyLab 9 visual

At Oodi central library, the event follows guidelines for a corona safe space with a limited amount of seats for live studio audience and workshop participants. To participate, please register by September 18!

All of the talk programme will be streamed online (url to stream page available soon).


Saturday 19 September  (Oodi Central library, Maijansali)    
10:30-12:30 GAMES FOR STRANGE ECONOMIES workshop
12:30-13:30 CRYPTO COOPERATIVES    (Jyrki Jauhiainen / Ana Fradique & Tere Vadén)
14:30-17:00 GAMES FOR STRANGE ECONOMIES workshop
17:30-19:00 ECONOMIC MEDIA (Jonathan Beller / Geert Lovink)

Sunday 20 September  (Oodi Central library, Maijansali)         
13:00-16:00 GAMES FOR STRANGE ECONOMIES workshop 3    
16:30-18:30 EXPERIMENTS IN GOVERNANCE (Ela Kagel, Nathan Schneider&Primavera di Filippi, Colin Drumm)

Sat+Sun all day: Art projects by Forms of Ownership and Timo Bredenberg + Money Primer campaign (Oodi lobby)

MoneyLab #9 is co-produced by m-cult with Economic Space Agency ECSA, an international network who propose a radical reframing of economy as a language capable of expressing intangible values.The event is part of m-cult's 20th anniversary programme Online Imaginaries focusing on social and artistic imaginaries of and beyond the internet.

In cooperation with: Institute of Network Cultures, Oodi Central Library, Robin Hood Cooperative and Supermarkt Berlin.