Maunula Looks

Maunula Looks is a street photography project that communicates the identity of a neighbourhood through the unique styles of its residents. It is a commentary to popular fashion blogs (eg. HEL Looks) which portray young trend-setters in hip urban areas. Instead of focusing the lens on the cut and brand of the clothes, Maunula Looks grasps the souls of the diverse and welcoming people of Maunula.

The collaboration between artists Rogério Nuno Costa and Jaime Culebro kicked off within the Partizaning Maunula interventions in Autumn 2017, when the first series of photographs was produced. A warm response from the residents inspired that artists to continue and led m-cult to commission further 'Winter 2018' and 'Summer 2018' collections.

The series of 3x9 portraits was presented for several weeks in 2017-18 on the large info screens of Maunula House visible also at the nearby supermarket. Further photographs were shared on the project's Instagram and Facebook pages.

Maunula Looks, Jone, Winter 2018
Jaime Culebro

Maunula Looks by Rogério Nuno Costa and Jaime Culebro


Autumn 2017

Winter 2018
Tarja Albekoglu
Linnea Korhola
Jouni "Jone" Knuutinen
Riikka Kanniainen
Eetu Uuksulainen
Tarja Vilhonen
Pentti Luomakangas
Ismo Pykäläinen
Pathareeya Parmkum Kettunen
Bogdan Nesterov
Pertti Hänninen 
Juhani Palomäki
Baris Kaya
Mikail Tung
Tuula ja Leena Larmola

Summer 2018
Markku Elomäki
Mamie Bajo
Kristiina Raatesalmi
Topi Huisman
Marcel Jaentschke
Oumie Secka
Nelli, Ciprian, Daniel, Alina, Julia Kapanen
Anne Kyllönen

The project was commissioned and co-produced by m-cult in February-June 2018 in context of the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme, supported by the Creative Europe programme.