Maunula Collection

Maunula Collection claims fashion as a public art form and celebrates the power of local handicraft.

By occypying the looms at the Saunabaari community centre and running a crafts course at the Adult Education Centre, artist Otto Karvonen and designer Justus Kantakoski led a collaborative, experimental fashion process from weaving the materials to tailoring the garments.

The co-design process included the use of recycled materials as well as experiments with weaving patterns and textile printing.

A 'catwalk' street performance launched the collection on the Night of the Arts in Maunula on 23.8.2018.

Maunula Collection
workshop, fashion line, performance by Justus Kantakoski and Otto Karvonen

Weaving expert
Virve Väyrynen

Experimental textiles expert
Emilia Kuurila

Co-design group
Merja Aro
Linda Backström
Jaime Culebro
Oliver Eagle-Wilsher
Pouram Ebrahimi
Christina Fransas
Jenni Hallikainen
Annika Huvinen
Nina Ingalsuo
Sira Niipola
Maarit Kiviniemi
Outi Luukkonen
Daniel Malpica
Anna Niinimäki
Liisa Nummela
Marja Oksa-Pallasvuo
Tuula Saari
Juha Saitajoki

Otto Karvonen, Kaisa Kukkonen, Liisa Nummela, Otto Rokka, Rauno Rönnberg

Thanks to
Helsinki Adult Education Center
Maunula House
Saunabaari Community Centre
Suomen lanka

The project with Otto Karvonen and Justus Kantakoski was co-produced by m-cult in May-August 2018 in context of the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme, supported by the Creative Europe programme.