Marjatta Oja - Media artist of the month

Marjatta Oja, interviewed at her solo show in Helsinki, discusses her work ranging from "situation sculptures" to music videos.

In the first episode, the artist talks about her early career and the move from painting to her own kind of video and media art.

Interview in Finnish, produced for the tv channel in 2014.

Marjatta Oja discusses the use of space in installations that require projection, which she conceptualises as "situation sculpture", and credits Louise Bourgeois as inspiration for her art.

In the third episode, the artist describes the process and meanings of the art piece Membrane (Kalvo). She also presents her work as musician as well as the music video Bookville and the Vampira project.

In the last episode, Marjatta Oja presents her recent piece A Crack in the Wallpaper on site at Suvilahti in May 2014. The new work is discussed by the artist in dialogue with art historian Riikka Stewen.