Kallio Archive

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Maari Fabritius / Kide Concepts

Kallio Archive is an open media resource which documents the life and environment of the Kallio district, Helsinki.

Moments from a disappearing city

Kallio is a district currently undergoing rapid changes. From the inside, the change is seen in the gentrification of the former worker's neighbourhood: traditional local shops are replaced by design stores and the old pubs by clubs. From the outside, the change is seen on the borders of Kallio – the new residential areas of the Kalasatama harbour area, Alppila and Pasila will transform Kallio into an Eastern old town of Helsinki.

Kallio Archive sets out to collect moments and observations on the life of the neighbourhood in early 2010s and to store them for future Kallio residents.


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Audiovisual archive and player

On its front page the archive presents a media player, which composes mini-documentaries based on topics selected by the user. You can create playlists based on location (neighbourhood or address), topic (eg. street views or architecture) or time (time of day, season). Or you could make a grey or orange playlist - try out different combinations and enjoy the variety of perspectives to Kallio! Press the Reset button to start a playlist with new selections.

The other pages offer more tools for browsing the content. From the Map page you can select a specific location and view its clips. The Topics page has a more detailed list of themes, by clicking one you will start a new playlist on the front page. The Clips page lists all materials and presents further search tools including audiovisual properties - eg. shot size, contrast and rhythm. If you wish to download a clip, you can do that by clicking the link on the individual clip's page.

A free, open media resource

An important objective of the Kallio Archive is to offer the video materials for free use by anyone interested. The video clips are published under Creative Commons licenses which allow the use of materials in other productions. Our wish is that the materials inspire the creation of new urban documentaries and art pieces – or a video article on Kallio for Wikipedia.

Also the web platform is based on free, open source solutions such as Drupal 7 content management system and OpenStreetMap. Both the platform and the content production process will be documented to enable the creation of new media archives on various themes.