City Sleep Light

City Sleep Light, a project by Antoine Schmitt, makes a radical move by transforming a whole building into the sleep light of the city, akin to the sleep light of a computer. All the lights are pulsing together in an organic rhythm, turning the building into a living organism.

Computed from the current global socio-economic activity of the city, the rhythm of pulsation differs each night and changes from one place to another.

City Sleep Light was developed for the Media Facades 2010 festival by Antoine Schmitt with support from iMal, Brussels. City Sleep Light will be visible in each festival city, literally connecting inhabitants through multiple adaptations of the project on the facades. The local pulses are also available online for your computer screen from the project's website.

In Helsinki, the project used stock market, traffic and weather data to devise the city rhythm which were visualised by pulsing light on the Bio Rex facade. Light design by Severi Glanville.

City Sleep Light Helsinki was presented every night on the Lasipalatsi Square / Bio Rex facade from August 28 to September 6, 2010.