Breakfast from the Past

Artists Babak Arzani and Johanna Raekallio invited participants from Maunula and the nearby Auramo refugee centre to exchange memories of everyday life in the past decades.

The process evolved in a collaborative workshop, where participants were encouraged to use media and sound as well as other sensory approaches (touch, smell) to express their breakfast memories. The mixed media pieces revealed different socio-cultural contexts of life in Afganistan and Finland.

The workshop culminated in an exhibition of the works at the Maunula House 9.-25.6.2018 , opened in context of a “Retro” themed local festival.

Breakfast from the past
Workshop and exhibition facilitated by Babak Arzani and Johanna Raekallio

Artists and works
Faqir Mohammad Saifi: Heaven on earth on mother’s bosom / As we stood on our own, we lost paradise
Mohammad Hosseini:Those Were the Days
Riitta Granlund:Velvet Breakfast
Sanna Valkiala: Porridge by the Lake and The Breakfast It Is I

Thanks to 
Saunabaari Ceramics Workshop
Auramo Reception Centre 

The project was commissioned and co-produced by m-cult in May-June 2018 in context of the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme, supported by the Creative Europe programme.