Susanna Ånäs

Susanna Ånäs is an artist and activist specialising in open data and cultural contents, and exploring databases as narrative formats. Since 2018 she has developed the Wikidocumentaries platform, which builds a bridge between microhistorical materials and the open infrastructures of global cultural heritage.

Susanna has been involved with the OpenGLAM (Open Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) and GLAM-Wiki activities in Finland and internationally. In Wikimedia Finland she has coordinated several projects in open cultural data such as Wikimaps and Wiki Loves Monuments. She is actively involved with Open Knowledge Finland and the international Creative Commons Global Network. She coordinates AvoinGLAM, a group liaising between the organizations in Finland. They produced the Hack4OpenGLAM hackathon for the second time in 2021. Susanna is a member of the Europeana Digital Transformation Task Force.


Susanna Ånäs in 2019