Watch online: streams from Maunula House May 27 and May 28


Here you can watch the recorded live streams of our events presenting and discussing our key projects of the Maunula Commons theme - with time-coded links to programme sections!

Gathering for Rehearsing Hospitalities
Central Park Archives: Access, commons and networks of care
Live stream from Maunula House, 27 May 2021

Frame Contemporary Art Finland's channel

08:45 Welcome and introduction, Minna Tarkka and Iida Nissinen

12:36 A tour of the first collections of Central Park Archives, Minna Tarkka and Iida Nissinen

42:36 A Dialogue on the commons, archives and cartography, Ali Akbar Mehta and Susanna Ånäs

1:20:27 Networks of Care, Annet Dekker

1:42:29 Conversation, moderated by Annet Dekker

Keskuspuistoarkistot ja Hoivan instituutti (in Finnish/partly interpreted from English)
Maunula-talo 27.5.2021
Maunula Channel

01:44 Tervetuloa ja Hoivan instituutti - haastattelussa taiteilija Vienne Chan

30:25 Keskuspuistoarkistot - katsaus ensimmäisiin kokoelmiin

1:07:26 Keskuspuiston perinnekeruu - kutsu osallistujille