Playing care workshop at Saunabaari


How can we approach a different world in which care givers and receivers have more agency in the care process? How can we imagine worlds where care work is valued transparently? What would a society be like if care work would be seen as the core infrastructure?

Playing Care workshop is devised by Trojan Horse collective and Vienne Chan and it utilises live-roleplaying (LARP) as a design method for uncovering new ideas and perspectives on care. Playing Care is created in context of the Institute of Care project.

The workshop focus is on elderly care and it involves both givers and receivers of care as well as their relation to institutions and political categories present in today’s Finnish welfare society.

The game starts with the creation of a back story for the role-play characters, followed by a session dedicated to collective game playing and a debriefing session to reflect on the speculative scenarios and care relationships played out in the game.

Playing Care workshop will take place at Saunabaari Community Centre on 3 afternoons in October 20-27. Read more in Finnish and register here!