MFF 2010 Helsinki full programme


The full programme for Media Facades 2010 Helsinki was published yesterday. In the press conference of Helsinki Festival, Media Facades was presented as one of the experimental, participatory projects that best describe the cultural festival's slogan 'Seize the new'.

For Media Facades 2010 m-cult/Helsinki has co-produced 5 new media art pieces which will premiere in Helsinki in 26.8.-5.9. and tour other MFF cities during the festival. From the festival's international programme, additional 5 pieces will be presented in Helsinki. The projects connect urban space and the citizens via multi-sensory interfaces - by touching, breathing, movement and dance, and through environmental data sensing.

The local Helsinki programme includes collaborations with art and media organisations. In The 25th hour of Kallio, 12 artists engage in a collective process and workshop in the Kallio neighbourhood and present the results at the Alkovi Gallery. Alternative party presents demowall - a night screening of the best works from the Finnish demo scene. MFF meets mbar is a series of festival clubs with great DJs and dancable interactions with the Media Facades projects. The opening club on the Night of the Arts 27.8. includes Remixed, launch event of the new award of the Nordic Council Film Prize and a special gig by Random Doctors (VJ Finland).

The Media Facades seminar (31.8.) discusses issues related to urban media, with artists, researchers and developers in dialogue on experience, data and participation in the public space.