MEHI project kickoff with new staff

MEHI project staff at M-cult

New staff of the Media Art History in Finland (MEHI) project started working today! The day kicked off by getting to know each other at MUU's gallery, continued with visits to AV-arkki and Bioart Society and concluded with a lunch and presentations at M-cult.

M-cult is happy to start developing a special ontology for media art with informatician Mira Rissanen, and collaborating with informatician Sandra Lindblom (developing the MEHI database at MUU) and conservator Karoliina Hämäläinen (developing MEHI's conservation plans at FLASH).

Prior to the first day of meetings, MEHI consortium members and the newly recruited staff took part in a two-day training for the MuseumPlus collection management system which will be used in cataloguing art works and events for the MEHI database of Finnish Media Art.