m-cult receives 4-year funding from the Kone foundation


Today, Kone Foundation announced granted EUR 3.5 million to independent performance and visual artist groups to support their work after the pandemic. The purpose of the funding is to ensure a sustainable and long-term framework for visionary operators who are reforming their particular fields of art.

The organisations who received funding were selected with the help of expert evaluations without a public application round. The aim was to identify groups that work perseveringly and ambitiously across Finland. The action plans requested from the groups demonstrate how the future can be built on freedom, alternatives, responsibility and a sense of community but also on constant, critical self-reflection. What these actors have in common is the fact that they aim high with their activities while working with limited resources.

“Throughout history, the freedom of human life has been deeply linked to the freedom of art, the first condition of which is the possibility to create art. At the moment, however, the situation artists face is verging on cultural diversity loss, both at the level of individuals and art forms. With this special funding, Kone Foundation supports a wide range of small and persistent artistic groups across Finland, without whom our lives would be greyer, more soulless, poorer and definitely lacking in surprises,” says Professor Tuija Kokkonen, a Trustee of Kone Foundation.

m-cult's plan is to continue the long-term programmes Online imaginaries and Maunula collaborations, which focus on agency and the commons in global infrastructures and local communities. Thanks to the Kone grant, we can provide more work opportunities to artists in the coming years.

Read the news in more detail on the Kone foundation website.