Antoine Schmitt publishes first City Sleep report


For City Sleep Light, Antoine Schmitt observes and analyzes the rhythms of Media Facades Festival cities and interprets these into pulsating lights on facades and screens. He now has published his first report on the rhythms of Berlin, Brussels and Helsinki.

Saturday August 28th 2010 : Berlin, Bruxelles, Helsinki

In Berlin for the MFF2010 opening, the weather is rather nice, the air quality is good, but the stock market is going down. Hopefully, it is the Lange Nacht der Museen and the spirits are high in the city. Tonight, the City Pulse is thus rather calm but with a good mood : breathing out slowly. The City Sleep Light is visible on the CHB and on the gasometer Nightscreen.
In Bruxelles, the stock market is rising, the weather is nice, the air quality is good too and the traffic is calm : calm and joyfull evening. The City Pulse is breathing deeply. The City Sleep Light is visible on the iMAL building.
In Helsinki, apart from the stock market, everything is quite calm : the City Pulse is breathing a bit rapidly. The City Sleep Light is visible on the Lasipalatsi square.
City Sleep Light will also soon be present in Linz and Madrid !