ISEA 2004

ISEA2004, The 12th International Symposium on Electronic Art gathered 1500 artists and researchers, representing 54 nationalities, to a travelling symposium including a sonic Baltic cruise and conferences, exhibitions and workshops in Tallinn and Helsinki.

Over 320 artists had their work presented in the exhibitions and performances of the event. Altogether the ISEA2004 events reached 40.000 visitors - making it one of the biggest electronic art events in Europe to date.

Framed by the theme Histories of the New, ISEA2004 aimed to locate and discuss new media cultural and social practices within a framework that gave it historical reference and allowed for a contemporary analysis of recent research. The two core themes in Tallinn and Helsinki respectively, Wearable Experience and Wireless Experience used contemporary research as well as existing practice and knowledge in this region to engage with the social and cultural aspects of contemporary media culture.

The original site is no longer online - documentation and other materials will be added on this site !

ISEA2004 logo Baltic
Tuomo Tammenpää