Connecting Cities Network

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The Connecting Cities network (CCN) was a 4-year initiative to create an infrastructure for producing, presenting and circulating artistic and social content on media facades and screens in urban public space.

Each year, the network co-produced a range of media art projects which were presented at international partner festivals - in Berlin, Brussels, Istanbul, Helsinki, Linz, Liverpool, Madrid, Marseille, Riga and Zagreb. The art projects were selected from an open call with thematic focus on Networked City (2013), Participatory City (2014) and In/Visible City (2015).

In Helsinki, m-cult produced and presented the projects at Media Facades Festival Helsinki, with a special festival edition to kick off of the network in 2012. As audience development expert of the network, m-cult also created best practices for presenting media art in public space.

The core network of Connecting Cities was formed by organisations in 11 European cities, with associated partners the network spans over 20 organisations world-wide. The project was supported by EU Culture programme within the European Urban Media Network for Connecting Cities programme 2012-16.