Streaming workshop

The workshop aims to share and build expertise in live streaming, from setting up servers to setting up live events.

With the rapid development of online video there is a host of solutions for streaming, and there is a big demand for transmitting events - from cultural producers, event organisers etc. However there are (mostly technical) obstacles to streaming in practice. For example, free/open source solutions are the way to go but still limited in their uptake by users and distributors.

The Streaming workshop aims to build a local "culture of streaming" by developing good practices for online video, via testing and sharing expertise from setting up servers to setting up live events.
It is a study circle / peer learning environment  targeted to artists and media makers who wish to learn real time streaming and create live transmissions.

The project will make use of FLOSS Manuals guides such as the Ogg Theora cookbook.

The workshop will convene 4 times in May-June 2010.

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