Rajapinnalla (Thresholders)

Rajapinnalla (Thresholders) is a five-part documentary on media art, co-produced by Koskela Art & Media House and m-cult for the digital YLE Teema channel in 2003-04.

In 2003, m-cult and Koskela Art & Media House launched an ambitious cross-media production on Finnish new media art and culture. The script and interviews were carried out by a team of editors at m-cult. The material contains interviews with 60 artists, documentation of art projects and events - a cross-section of digital culture practice in early 2000's.

Koskela Art & Media House was responsible for the audiovisual production which resulted in a 5-part documentary for the digital YLE Teema channel. The series was first broadcast during the Spring of 2004. In post-production, m-cult developed a prototype for a dynamic web documentary based on semantic annotation of video.

2003 - 2005
Koskela Art & Media House - AV production
m-cult - script, interviews