projects: Publishing

m-cult maintains and develops several web platforms and publishes results on various formats ranging from video to print.

Talks, writing and media on the arts of collaboration.

M2HZ urban television from Helsinki: a mix of media art, community media, multicultural and experimental programmes.


The Kallio archive is a hyperlocal, open media archive on the Kallio district in Eastern Central Helsinki.


StadiTV is a project and coalition to establish a new citizen-based television operator in Helsinki. A collaboration of Forum Virium Helsinki, m-cult and numerous other communities from the Helsinki region.

 The Finnish localisation of FLOSS Manuals, international network to create manuals on free/open source software.


Kotomedia is a project on media produced by and for the immigrants.


avoin koodi (open code) is a tabloid-format publication on FLOSS and open source culture. The 16-page publication was distributed with the July/August 2010 issue of Voima newspaper. is an information service on media art and digital culture, maintained by m-cult since 2002.

Rajapinnalla (Thresholders) is a five-part documentary on media art, co-produced by Koskela Art & Media House and m-cult for the digital YLE Teema channel in 2003-04.