projects: Learning

Talks, writing and media on the arts of collaboration.

RE:miksi is a net and art education project for pre-school children. The project includes a series of artist-led workshops and a learning resource aiming to encourage children as creative producers on the internet. 

In the animation workshop, we experiment with children and open tools for creating 2D animations.

The Artvertiser imagines a near-future where advertising in public space can be replaced by art. The Artvertiser Helsinki workshop and walk were led by Julian Oliver and Damian Stewart.

The workshop aims to share and build expertise in live streaming, from setting up servers to setting up live events.

Open media workshops have been developed at m-cult to support new, web-based production and distribution practices.

 The Finnish localisation of FLOSS Manuals, international network to create manuals on free/open source software.


City reporters is a workshop/production format aimed at the creation of small neighbourhood documentaries on local issues and places, histories and persons. The series kicked off in 2009 with two first citizen reporter workshops.

CommunityAcademy is the title for a series of talks where practitioners exchange experiences on community/social/participatory media and art.

Mobile media production is one of the "light-weight" production models m-cult has experimented with in a variety of contexts.

Creative Crossings seminar and workshop was organised by m-cult, BANFF and Arts Council of England and hosted by The Finnish Institute in London on April 26-27, 2004.