Kotomedia - multicultural media production

Kotomedia is a project on media produced by and for the immigrants.


Finnish immigrants are not represented in mainstream media, neither as viewers nor as producers. In our view, local open channels present a new opportunity for multicultural, multi-lingual media production in Finland. In 2010, this work is carried out in the Kotomedia project - media produced by and for the immigrants.

In context of M2HZ channel, m-cult launched a project to develop multicultural programming. A team of graduates from the MUNDO media education and work training project for immigrants and ethnic minorities (2005-07) started creating concepts for programmes that would give a voice and work opportunities for the 'new Finns', while also experimenting with new forms for community television.

The piloting phase kicked off in 2008 with the discussion programme Baabel, and continued in 2009 with the multilingual news pilot Panorama. The pilots were supported by AVEK development grants and the Ministry of Education's grant for multicultural and anti-racist work.

In 2010, the new project Kotomedia to develop multicultural media received funding from the European Union's Integration fund. The project takes further the building of media practices through piloting, production, training and networking.

2007 - 2012