FLOSS Manuals Finland

 The Finnish localisation of FLOSS Manuals, international network to create manuals on free/open source software.


FLOSS Manuals provides free, high-quality documentation on open source software, free culture services and related production and design processes. The aim is to encourage the take up of free open source software by offering easy to use manuals in various languages.

FLOSS Manuals FinlandFLOSS Manuals Finland






m-cult coordinates FLOSS Manuals Finland, the second localisation after Farsi language. In the project we translate manuals from English, create new manuals in Finnish and organize workshops with educators, artists and citizen groups.

The FLOSS Manuals site is a wiki, where everyone can join in the creation and updating of the manuals. You're welcome to join by registering at http://fi.flossmanuals.net/kirjoita !

FLOSS Manuals Finland is realized in the context of the Medios project of participatory and social media tools, funded by the European Social Fund in 2009-2011.


2009 - 2013
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